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In an era where online presence plays a pivotal role in business success, even traditional industries such as agriculture are recognizing the need to embrace modern digital strategies. George’s Plant Farm, a family-owned horticultural business with a legacy spanning decades, embarked on a journey to revitalize its online platform. This case study explores the collaboration between George’s Plant Farm and 1796 Media, a leading web design agency, to transform the company’s website. The redesign aimed to not only enhance the visual appeal of the brand but also to provide an engaging and user-friendly digital space for customers to explore their wide range of plant offerings.


With a history dating back to 1977, George’s Plant Farm had established itself as a reputable supplier of high-quality plants, shrubs, and trees to gardening enthusiasts and landscaping professionals. However, the company’s existing website faced challenges in effectively showcasing their extensive product catalog and providing a seamless browsing experience for visitors. The outdated design, cluttered layout, and lack of responsive features hindered the site’s ability to capture and retain online customers. To stay competitive in an increasingly digital marketplace, George’s Plant Farm recognized the need for a comprehensive website redesign.


When George started looking for someone new to manage their website and hosting, he reached out to 1796 Media. 

The George’s Plant Farm website sees hundreds of thousands of visitor each year, as well as thousands of online orders. When we took control of the website, the backend order management system was extremely difficult to use and time consuming. George’s allows its customers to select their shipping date, making things more complicated for reporting purposes.

After migrating thousands of orders from another service, George’s Plant Farm was set up using WooCommerce to make ordering, reporting, and shipping even easier. 

In addition to providing excellent website management services, 1796 Media also provides George’s powerful web hosting.