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The Nashville School of Law

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, educational institutions are increasingly recognizing the pivotal role that user-friendly and visually appealing websites play in attracting prospective students, engaging current ones, and showcasing their offerings effectively. The Nashville School of Law (NSL), a renowned institution with a rich history of legal education, found itself in a similar pursuit of enhancing its online presence. This case study delves into the collaborative journey between NSL and 1796 Media, a leading web design and development agency, to transform and modernize NSL’s website. The redesign aimed to not only reflect the school’s esteemed reputation but also to provide an intuitive and accessible online platform for its students, faculty, and visitors.


Established in 1911, the Nashville School of Law has been a cornerstone of legal education in Tennessee, offering part-time evening classes to aspiring lawyers. Over the years, NSL has built a strong legacy of producing skilled legal professionals who contribute significantly to the legal community. However, in an era where online presence has become a crucial aspect of any institution’s success, NSL recognized the need to revamp its website to align with contemporary design standards and enhance user experience.

NSL’s existing website, while functional, faced challenges in terms of navigation, user-friendliness, and visual appeal. Prospective students often found it difficult to navigate through the cluttered interface to access essential information about programs, admissions, and tuition information. The lack of responsive design elements further hampered the user experience, particularly for those accessing the site on mobile devices. In light of these issues, NSL decided to collaborate with 1796 Media to undertake a comprehensive website redesign that would address these shortcomings and bring the school’s online presence up to modern standards.


In only a matter of months, 1796 Media put together a comprehensive plan for a redesign, including how to eliminate unnecessary and redundant information. 

In the first few days of launch, the website saw over 3,000 users, and handles upwards of 600 users a day. We reduced the overall page count by 50%, and created templates that school personnel can use to create new posts without having to do additional work.

We offloaded a significant amount of resources to speed up the website and utilized newer technology to improve speed like using WebP image formats.

Many of the previous multi-step processes have been eliminated to make it easier for users and prospective students.

What They're Saying

We wanted to update our website, so we shared our ideas with 1796 Media’s Jordan Long. He listened, met our needs, and exceeded our expectations by producing a modern, clean, and professional website. Jordan is creative, attentive, responsive, and most importantly, trustworthy. That is a rare and desirable mix of traits to find when seeking a proficient designer. Jordan reduced the unnecessary information on our site and increased our viewership. We are grateful to 1796 Media for their impactful work.

If you are looking to create a website, we highly recommend 1796 Media.

– Kristin Smart
Director of Communications and Engagement
Nashville School of Law